Mr. PJS born in Korea, 20s, worked at a foreign-affiliated inspection company
moved-in October 2019

Mr. PJS, who has lived in Japan for three years and used to live in a company housing in Fukuoka.
With the desire to make more friends, he took the opportunity to change jobs and took on the challenge of living in a share house for the first time.
He enjoys fulfilling days with drinking parties with residents.

Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
from JPY 62,000 on up including common service fee
Number of rooms
46 *floors exclusively for men and women available
Walk from the station
11 minutes
Character of the area
Excellent access with 5 minutes from Musashi-Shinjo to Musashi-Kosugi and 20 minutes to Shibuya!

Fine Maison Musashi-Shinjo

A share house for adults with style to enjoy their life

Longing for a lifestyle that communicates with people

A few months after I started living in Tokyo, I came to Japan three years ago for work and lived alone in a company housing in Fukuoka. People at work live with their families in company housing, so their ages and ways of living vary. Since I am a single foreigner, I didn't interact much with those families. Then, when I changed my job to the current company and decided to work in the city center, I thought, "I want to make more friends!" and thought of living in a share house.

Commuting without stress, access to the station cannot be underestimated

In order to choose a share house, I compared the properties of various operating companies. Among them, "Fine Maison Musashi Shinjo" was by far the most beautiful and bright impression.
When I saw an open lounge space of over 50 tatami mats wrapped in a white wall (* POINT01), I was excited that I would surely be able to interact with others. I was also attracted to the location, which is about a 10-minute walk from the station. The nearest station is Musashi-Shinjo Station on the Nambu Line. Two stations and 5 minutes to Musashi-Kosugi, where you can transfer to Meguro Line, Toyoko Line, and JR Line. Transportation access cannot be overlooked as it is used for daily commuting. I think it is a benefit to be able to go to the office, stress free transportation, without the slopes that makes you physically tired.

Lots of comfortable designs and facilities

I was nervous until I moved in, wondering if I could get along with the existing residents, but I just exchanged greetings and introduced myself lightly, and we soon opened up to each other. Everyone kindly talks to me, and some people only speak English, but there is no particular problem because someone who understands English will intervene and help me.
In the case of a large share house for both boys and girls, you can meet various residents, which is useful for improving sociability. I seldom meet a new person in daily life just going back and forth between work and home. After returning from work, I cook and eat with the people in the kitchen at that time. The large kitchen space (* POINT02), which consists of four system kitchens in an island shape, is large enough for several people to cook at the same time. Besides me, who is Korean, there are Thais, Taiwanese, and residents of various nationalities, so we can share dishes from various countries and have hot pot parties in each country. The other day I enjoyed cooking Korean cuisine, bibimbap and toppogi with them while teaching them the recipes. I'm glad that it was really good to live in a share house where people are connected to each other rather than living alone.

The scene of life is vividly colored

Actually, I was thinking of living alone in the future, and I was thinking of saving money in a share house with low rent. However, when I actually started living, it was very comfortable and I no longer had the idea of moving out (laughs). I have more friends, and most of the people who live before me are staying for a long time because it is easy to live in. A share house life where you can meet people and make more friends, I recommend to those who want to connect with various people. Just try it.

What is the exchange point for people who want to connect with various people?

  • POINT01

    Open lounge space over 50 tatami mats

    A shared lounge space where you don't feel lonely because there is always someone. Party and drinking parties are held but not every night. Let's deepen your exchanges without feeling "noisy" or "annoying"!

  • POINT02

    Large kitchen space in the shape of an island

    It’s spacious due to its shape even if several people are cooking at the same time. If you like cooking, you can open a cooking class that you are good at.

  • POINT03

    Perfect for cherry-blossom viewing and drinking party in spring ♪

    Excellent location surrounded by rows of cherry blossom trees. The cherry-blossom viewing and drinking party held every year is a great success, organized by FINE SELECT and led by the residents.