Ms. HL Ms. HL born in Mexico, 20s, exchange student
moved-in July 2019

Ms. HL came from Mexico to her favorite Japan as an exchange student.
She thoroughly enjoys the share house life in the celebrity area Denenchofu by making “Osechi (traditional New Year’s food)” with the residents and by drinking sake for the first time.

Setagaya Ward, Tokyo
from JPY 41,000 on up including common service fee
Number of rooms
12 for women only
Walk from the station
13 minutes
Character of the area
Blessed with the superiority of living in Denenchofu!?

Den-en-chofu Machiya

Immediate response even from overseas! Family can rest assured of proper management

Decided to move in by a sincere attitude and speed of response

I have been studying design in Mexico and am aiming to become an illustrator of children's picture books in the future.
I have loved Japanese animation since I was a kid. Since I was studying Japanese, I came to Japan as an exchange student at Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Commerce, which is affiliated with a local university in Mexico. There are various types of housing that you can live in during your stay in Japan, such as rental condominiums, living alone in an apartment, and student dormitories, but I chose a share house because I wanted to have time to interact with various Japanese people. Unlike major room sharing overseas, in Japan a share house is managed by an operating company. Living alone in Japan is lonely and anxious for foreigners who are not familiar with Japan and have no acquaintance with Japan. I think it's a great security to have a company that you can rely on when you have a problem.

Service in English, even telling me how to transfer rent (laughs)

I searched for share house information on the Internet. I emailed some companies that seemed to be good with the share house property introduced in English. I received an immediate reply from FINE SELECT and was able to talk about my concerns in detail. For life in Japan that you are not used to, a proper management company is reliable. After talking with my family and my close sister, I decided to choose FINE SELECT, who I feel able to ask for help easily and who operates many women-only properties.
I’ve heard that possible troubles regarding a share house are cleaning and waste disposal. I'm relieved that the dedicated staff will clean the common areas of the FINE SELECT property. No worries in a share house operated by FINE SELECT as the dedicated staff will clean the common areas. Every time I have questions even after moving in, such as how to transfer rent at an ATM etc., I immediately ask for help by email in English. I’ve been getting help until I got used to living in Japan.

Close to the station and easy to go to school, easy to go out here and there

What I realized when I started living was that it was really convenient to be close to the station. It's about 30 minutes to college, so I can keep my motivation high for going there (laughs). Taking the Tokyu Toyoko Line or Meguro Line from Denenchofu Station, you can easily reach Shibuya, Ebisu, Roppongi, Meguro, Yokohama, etc. Good transportation access is one of the charms of living in Denenchofu. I often go to Jiyugaoka on holidays. There are many cafes, and I like to spend a relaxing time drinking cappuccino while watching the people passing by from the window on the second floor.

We made New Year's dishes together ♪

The size of the kitchen was also important because I wanted to cook for myself. Since I decided to study abroad, I have been practicing cooking very hard. Usually we cook individually, but sometimes we enjoy cooking together. We made New Year’s dishes. The black soybeans were yummy! I was surprised at sweet beans because, like chili beans, Mexican bean dishes are not sweet. Meeting new tastes is also the real pleasure of a share house life. I drank Japanese sake for the first time in my life. It was tasty, but I got drunk (laughs). That is also a good memory.

You can talk to someone, so there is no loneliness

I live in a quadruple occupancy room with Japanese, Australian and Korean people. It's separated by curtains, and I'm a student, and other people have different lifestyles, such as working people, so I rarely meet them. Still, signs of people in the same room at night make me relieved. If I go to the common space, I can talk with someone, so there is no anxiety or loneliness. If I lived alone in a studio apartment, I would have been lonely and homesick.
Hit by a typhoon, we all gathered in the living room and talked until morning. Then I learned that Denenchofu was a luxury residential area. Although this building is fashionable to match the celebrity atmosphere of the city, the rent is not high, so it's a great deal! As soon as I returned to Mexico, I thought I had to brag about this to everyone (laughs). I am studying abroad for only half a year, but I would like to come back to Japan. On that occasion I will choose FINE SELECT again!

What are the points of security for foreign users?

  • POINT01

    High experience in managing women-only share houses

    FINE SELECT operates a large number of women-only share houses that are comfortable, safe and secure in Tokyo. Not only the fashionable design, but also the solid management by the professional staff is popular!

  • POINT02

    The common area is cleaned by a dedicated staff

    Dedicated cleaning staff will clean common areas, baths and toilets. You can use it comfortably without the burden of cleaning duty.

  • POINT03

    Rest assured that you can ask in English 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

    FINE SELECT understands your communication accurately and answers to your question in four languages. Feel free to ask anything like an unfamiliar lifestyle in Japan!