Ms. YT born in Tokyo, 30s, office worker
moved-in June 2019

Ms. YT, who divorced a while ago and moved to a share house with one luggage.
She’s become single, but she's relieved because she’s not alone. She has gained her own enjoyment!
She’s fully enjoying a rich life as an adult woman in the share house.

Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
from JPY100,000 on up including common service fee
Number of rooms
12 for women only
Walk from the station
2 minutes
Character of the area
close to the Imperial Palace and Kagurazaka, One of the most suitable for grown girls to go bar-hopping

Echell Iidabashi SOHO

Items that satisfy 100% girls’ wishes are packed!

Someone is always nearby. So I feel secure.

Actually, I got divorced a while ago. As I left all my household goods, I had lived alone in a furnished studio for a while. But I felt lonely when I returned to my dark home after work. I could not have a pet as I had a job. I wanted to go back to a lighted home. I needed someone who I could talk to. Besides, it’s unsafe sometimes for women to live alone. So I decided to move to a share house that I had wanted to live in once. When you choose a share house, you don’t have to buy new furniture and home appliances. You can move with just one case. When looking for a share house, I first checked and narrowed down the properties that seemed to be good on the Internet, and actually I went to see three of them. Echel Iidabashi SOHO was the third one and I decided instantly.

No stress! Cleanliness and tidiness are important

The cleanliness of the building and the good location were decisive factors. According to the staff of FINE SELECT, the dedicated staff will clean the common areas. I was convinced by its cleanliness! The pink curtains and accessories hanging on the wall are cute, and the fabric is also feminine. The interior and lighting are also for girls, so it will brighten your feelings! All the conditions were good so I decided to live there.

  • The living-dining room has a high ceiling with a characteristic atrium, giving it a feeling of openness.

  • You can relax on the comfortable sofa.

It’s rare that all rooms have a dressing vanity nice for women!

My personal favorite is that each room has a dressing vanity! You need to use water more frequently than you might think. It’s quite a hassle that you need to go out from your room to the common space for water when you get home tired from work at night and want to remove your makeup first, when you gargle, when you brush your teeth, or when you spill something and want to wipe it off immediately… Sometimes you are so relaxed that you want to see nobody at a time when putting on a facial mask. As a room with a dressing vanity is very rare, I was lucky to find it.

Adult girls drinking life available only in this town

Iidabashi is safe because it has major facilities such as the Imperial Palace and the Diet Building, as well as the embassies of each country. Especially for women, good security is one of the factors that you definitely take into account. I recommend Chiyoda ward to those who have not decided where to live yet because of its sense of security. As for transportation convenience, the JR line and four subway lines are available. Two minutes walk to Iidabashi station on the JR Chuo Line. If it's far from the station, your makeup and hair will be disturbed by the time you arrive. The surroundings are also fulfilling. Many residents are running around the Imperial Palace. I like to go drinking, so I go to Kagurazaka in less than 5 minutes on foot. You can go out as soon as you think of it, and you could enjoy a relaxing drink in Kagurazaka, which has a nice atmosphere at night. There are plenty of fashionable restaurants that are small and easy to use, free from anxiety of being bothered by middle-aged drunk men. My impression is that Kagurazaka is a quiet town for adults.

Impressed by fast-response! Gratified by replenishing consumables

What makes me feel that the operating company is decent is the speed of response. I am satisfied with the fact that I can email 24 hours a day, every day and get a quick response even to small things such as replacing a scouring pad. Also, I am grateful for replenishing consumables as needed. I was a little embarrassed to buy bulky items such as toilet paper. I think the rent is inexpensive with cleaning and replenishment of daily necessities included.

Comfortable relationship

People who are not good at interacting with people can enjoy their world in their room, and there is no need to force them to meet or spend time together. We have two fine kitchens in the living-dining room. Some cook and eat there, others eat food from a convenience store in their room. Each person follows the rules in daily life and is respectful, but not overly concerned about each other. Just being in the same space with them, even without exchanging words, makes me relaxed. It’s an indescribable relationship, unlike with family, friends from school, or a group from work. Conversely, I feel comfortable talking with them and have a close relationship. When I feel down and text a close resident, I get a reply saying “would you like to go drinking?” and we meet at the entrance hall in five minutes! I can see someone close to me easily, not have to wait until tomorrow or weekend, only in a share house. As we meet and part from the entrance hall, it is safe to return home together. I love such flexible and close relationships very much, so I can’t return to living alone (laughs).

  • The modern specification system kitchen

  • Full-features common spaces and facilities suitable for adult women
    two kitchens are really easy to use!

What is the point of satisfying 100 percent of a woman’s heart?

  • POINT01

    Cute interior and lighting!!

    The interior of FINE SELECT's women-only property is cute. This is one of the secrets of its popularity.

  • POINT02

    Each room has a dressing vanity

    A share house has a kitchen, toilet and wash basin in common spaces in general. In Echelle Iidabashi each room is equipped with a dressing vanity. It is very convenient when you are tired after work.

  • POINT03

    Practical and modern specification system kitchen

    The height and storage of the cabinet are directly linked to ease-to-use of the kitchen! A storage shelf that is easy to take out even for short girls is convenient.