Special Talk


KS maleborn in Oita Prefecture, 20s, business worker at a trading company, moved-in January 2019
NB femaleborn in Kanagawa Prefecture, 20s, business worker at a trading company, moved-in January 2019
SS maleborn in Okinawa Prefecture, 30s, Logistics company employee, moved-in September 2019

A longed-for large luxury share house! I'd like to live once, but ... The gorgeous environment like that popular TV show may be out of reach for me, who is sober !? So we asked the three members who actually live in the share house to talk about their inner circumstances and daily life thoroughly.

A share house that "enjoys" rather than "lives"

Large social share house in Motomachi Yamate, Yokohama. In addition to the convenient location within walking distance of Yamashita Park, Chinatown, and Harbor View Park, it boasts a large lounge with 100 tatami mats or more, a theater room, a karaoke room, a fitness room, a women-only beauty room, and a yoga room.

Motomachi-Yamate, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
from JPY 70,000 on up including common service fee
Number of rooms
92 *floors exclusively for men and women available
Walk from the station
10 minutes

FineMaison Yokohama

Why did you choose to live in a share house?

KSI lived alone for four years while attending a university in Tokyo, and then went to study abroad in NY. So I had to buy furniture and household goods to live alone again. I disposed of the furniture and household goods I used in Japan, went to the United States, got a new one, and threw it away again. So, when I returned to Japan, I thought it’s enough to be swayed by furniture. The share house is fully equipped with basic equipment such as furniture and home appliances. I thought it would be nice to be able to start a new life easily with just one suitcase. Room sharing is popular in NY. There are many people in a share house who are in various environments different from me, so I chose a share house with an expectation that I might be able to meet new people.

NBI used to live in a share house when I was in Europe, so I had no hesitation in choosing it. As KS said, arranging various furniture is troublesome and costs (laughs). The convenience of being able to start a new life with just the things around me was the most attractive.

KSIndeed, in Japan, it's difficult not only to prepare furniture but also to dispose of it.

SSI have lived alone for seven years in an apartment in Yokohama. When the contract renewal time was approaching and I was looking for the next residence, I found that a newly opened share house looked for tenants. I've never experienced living in a share house before, but it looked interesting, so I got interested in it. If anything, I was unconfident of my communication skills (laughs), so I thought that if I lived in a shared house, I would naturally improve my conversation skills.

KSMany people live here. Say hello and start with a conversation like "You're doing that kind of work!" And then gradually we got acquainted with each other. When I had lived alone, I had gone back and forth between work and home and I had almost no opportunities to see people non-related to my work. But in the share house, we have directors, designers, entrepreneurs and students. It’s a diverse space with a variety of ages and nationalities. Rather than going out, talking in the share house will give you new encounters and help you find business tips and needs.

NBCertainly, the environment in which people from various industries live under one roof may lead to stimulation and motivation!

Why did you decide on "Fine Maison Yokohama" from many share houses?

SSAs I was also thinking of living in Tokyo, I actually went to see various properties. I finally chose this house because I realized that I love Yokohama so much that I can't live in other cities anymore (laughs).

NBYokohama is nice. I also love ♪

KSLocal love, strong (laughs).

SSYokohama is close to the sea just like my hometown Okinawa, and I think that it has a certain similarity to Okinawa.

NBOh yeah, the proximity of the sea is good for my heart.

SS I used to live in Fujisawa and Shonan Tsujido. Certainly they have a sea nearby, but I felt they also have too many people to live in. In that respect, Yokohama has the best location and environment to live in.

NBEven in Yokohama, Motomachi Yamate has long been a high-class residential area, giving the impression that it is safe and secure. It is a 10-minute walk from JR Yamate Station, making it easy to reach the city center, and it takes less than 20 minutes to walk to the sea. Yamashita Park and Hill Park with a view of the harbor are also within walking distance. I especially like taking a walk in Yamashita Park, fluttering and basking in the sun.

KSHow nice! Sounds graceful!

SSYeah, Yamashita Park is recommended. Buildings are also cool. There are lots of edgy retro buildings, and it's fun to walk around.

NBI'm from the inland area of Yokohama, so it's the best location to go to the sea as soon as you think of it. Also, I don’t have to worry about my parents’ eyes. It’s quite different (laughs).

KSSSI agree (LOL). That's right. You can do what you couldn't do.

SSBecause you’re free.

NBDrinking in the living room until morning.

SSIt doesn't bother anyone, and no one cares about it (laughs).

KSWe are building a loose and exquisite relationship with a sensible adult. It is unique to a large share house with nearly 100 rooms, unlike a small share house that tends to have a close relationship, that you can associate with your housemates with a reasonable sense of distance.

From karaoke to the theater to the gym to the yoga room, everything is here.

KSThere are various share houses in Yokohama, but this one is pretty large and the facilities are by far the best. It may be rare not only in Yokohama but also in Japan that there are more than 10 common spaces such as a theater room with a large 100-inch screen, two fitness rooms, a study room and a karaoke room with online karaoke.

SSWhen I talk about the house to people at work, they envy me for it, saying "if I were you, I would go to karaoke every day" (laughs). I'm a fan of the theater room. I connect it with my smartphone and watch various movies. Before I lived here, I used to go to the cinema alone, but now I'm completely immersed in the theater room of the share house. I can enjoy powerfulness, especially in action movies on a large screen more. I watched “Bohemian Rhapsody” three times.

KSYou are utilizing it. I just use the fitness room sometimes.

NBI often go to the yoga room. The walls are mirrored. I try various poses while watching YouTube.

KSThat's why your proportions are outstanding!

SSHahaha (laughs). You are slim, aren't you?

NBBecause it is for girls only, you can concentrate on yoga without worrying about the eyes of men (laughs). The girls are getting profit from it.
We also have a women-only beauty room where you can fully use Panasonic's beauty appliances. You can use the facial equipment and the latest hair dryer for free. When my legs are swollen, I definitely want to try a hot foot massager.

SSYou do not need the compression socks "Medicut" that lead to beautiful legs.

NBReally so. It’s reduced the sales of "Medicut" (laughs).

At night, you often talk while enjoying alcohol and snacks, don’t you?

KSI like this spacious lounge. It has about 100 tatami mats, and it's like a resort hotel (laughs).

NBIt’s pretty nice. The island kitchen is also large and easy to use.

KSA good point is the full range of electrical appliances. There are high-class cooking utensils that you would never use if you live alone (laughs), such as Panasonic's rotisserie grill and smoke, Bruno's hot plate, and so on.

SSOh yeah (laughs)!

KSMany people are using it more than I expected. Someone bakes pizza in a bread machine and asks others “let’s eat it together” as it’s too much to eat alone. Communication occurs like that. It's a unique feature of this house.

SSIt's enjoyable to cook together while drinking while talking in the kitchen. Its spacious structure allows you to do that, and it offers a wide selection of cooking items.

KSI often try to eat with someone by making a little more meal than just my own. When I was in the room, I got in touch and asked, "I'm eating in the kitchen right now, why don't you come?" We often share meals with each other.

NBRegardless of gender, we invite each other by saying “I made too much” or “I'm lonely, so let's eat together.” Instead of caring for the other person, I call for my own convenience (laugh).

SSI'm happy to be called (laughs)

KSYou know, bread is fad now. When I was talking about “I want to eat freshly baked bread”, one of them baked it immediately.

SSNice for you! The food community is booming, isn't it? Don't forget about karaoke when it comes to excitement.

KSAfter drinking in the living room, everyone gets excited and says, "Why don’t we go to karaoke?” And we went to the karaoke room in the basement. There are many people who sing karaoke alone in the karaoke room.

NBYou no longer go to karaoke outside. It's here, in the house and free. You can always enjoy the latest hit songs because they are kept updated.

KSYou don't have to worry about time like at a karaoke shop.

SSI have not had troubles because the hours clash with each other.

KSThere is an unspoken rule to meet each other halfway among residents like “give me 30 more minutes”. We are sensible (laughs).

All seem fun, but are there any troubles or annoyances?

NBI'm supposed to contact the operating company if something goes wrong, but I don't have to think of the operating company at all!

KSMe neither. However, I have a sense of security that "if something happens, they will respond for me." It seems that the management company is firmly screening out people with no common sense in the move-in interview, so there are no people who violate the rules significantly. So it's up to you whether you get in trouble or not, after all. As I've lived abroad, I don't care about most things.

SSIf you start to overly worry about something, there is no end.

KSYou should follow the rules in the minimum limit. I think it's rather comfortable here because the minimum level is high. Don't you think so?

NBThat's true on this member.

SSEach person has a different way of thinking and taste. Not everyone in the share house wants to talk to different people. Some people are fine by themselves. Also, we are not always hanging out.

KSSo if you say this is fun or disliked, it doesn't apply to everyone. Since people with different occupations, lifestyles, and values live together, it's natural that there are differences in thinking. Even so, I am able to live a comfortable life thanks to the management company. As I’ve not bothered or felt unpleasant, I have taken it for granted though.

NBActually, there is a reason why I could have continued to live as a matter of course (laughs). I won’t move out unless there is something that I don’t like.

KSMe too. Some people who like to live in various places have moved in about half a year.

SSThere is no reason to move to me.

NBI may think about it if I change my job and my commute becomes harder, but as long as the living environment does not change, I would like to continue living here. I may want to experience a share house in Tokyo once. In that case, I will first see the property of FINE SELECT who is well-managed and can live a fine life.

SSMaybe, if you get tired of living here, you may go to the city center in search of new encounters (laughs).

KSOr you might go to Tokyo in order to look for a boy who is cooler and competent (laughs).

NBYeah, that's very possible (laughs).

What does a share house mean to you?

KSAs I said at the beginning, it is a place where new things are born that lead to innovation in new fields in your own industry x different industries by listening to stories from industries different from your own.

NBA place blessed with various opportunities.

SSA place to enjoy life.

KSNBExactly! It's a nice place to draw a story of your life. Please create an enjoyable life.