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Such a share house that was unlikely

A close and secure operating system, cleanliness and reliable crime prevention.
Not only the latest home appliances and water supply systems, but also hobby rooms such as cinema and karaoke depending on the property, not too close, not too far, not too hot, exquisite distance design with people, and always quick response to any problems, worries, or questions.
FINE SELECT is a "specialized operating company specializing in share houses".
One of the reasons for its popularity is that you can choose from a large number of share houses, with more than 150 properties.
We, who have a wealth of experience, propose a comfortable share house for each person.

Mainly women-only propertiesWOMEN-ONLY

More than 90% of our properties are for women only.
Not to mention security considerations, some properties have plenty of things that make girls happy, such as private rooms with dressing vanities and unlimited use of beauty appliances!

Benefits of women-only share house

FINE SELECT properties have introduced various ideas so that women can move in with peace of mind.
Since all the residents are women, there is also the advantage of reducing the risk of encountering stalkers and suspicious persons!
It is a genuine women-only share house where even parents and siblings cannot be invited to the room or stay overnight because of the "no entry for men".

  • 01

    * The photo is a sample image.

  • 02

  • 03

  • 04

  • 01Considering security with electronic lock *!

  • 03The latest kitchen system with excellent usability

  • 02Fashionable interior design!

  • 04The mixed gender property has a female-only floor!

    Women-only floors are always provided for mixed gender properties.
    As the bathroom, toilet and washroom are also on the women's floor, you don't have to go to the shared floor. It has been well received as a space where you can easily spend time without encountering male residents.

Leave cleaning and replenishment of consumables up to usCLEANING

Not only cleaning common areas, but also replenishing consumables such as toilet paper and kitchen detergent is left to the dedicated staff of FINE SELECT.
We will help you to live a more comfortable life.

Reliable support by dedicated staff

If you live alone or share a room, you will of course have to do the cleaning yourself.
Also, in a small share house run by an individual owner, the resident may do it on duty, which may cause a difference in the cleaning finish or some people may skip it, which may lead to trouble. In the FINE SELECT property, the dedicated staff will clean the common areas.
Rather than outsourcing an outside cleaning company, which often changes staff, the cleaning staff who have been thoroughly educated in-house are dedicated to each house, so you can rest assured!
We perform regular cleaning 1 to 4 times on a weekly basis according to the size of the property, and in some cases we also handle simple maintenance such as replacing light bulbs.

  • Voice of cleaning staff

    Most of the cleaning staff live near the house. Many of them are acquainted with the residents, and they are like mothers of the house who can have a talk with.
    Consumables such as toilet paper and detergent can be replenished Consumables such as toilet paper and detergent can be replenished with the attentiveness and speed that can only be achieved because FINE SELECT operates directly in-house.

  • Replenishment list

    Toilet paper, kitchen detergent, kitchen sponge, hand soap, toilet detergent, laundry detergent, light bulb, fluorescent light, etc.

Satisfied with my own space! Spacious private roomPRIVATE ROOM

Most of the private rooms in our properties have an area of 5-6 tatami mats.
It is popular with people who have a lot of luggage and who wish to relax and enjoy their time alone.

Share house with a spacious private room of 6.5 tatami mats or more

For those who want to secure a solid private space even in a share house, we have picked up a share house with a spacious private room of 6.5 tatami mats or more!
Of course, all rooms have storage. Some rooms have a large walk-in closet!

Speedy response to troublesWAS IN TROUBLE! READY FOR

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or questions after moving in.
We accept emails 24 hours a day.

  • In a case of emergency, directly from resident to FINE SELECT

    Different from a studio, a share house is a communal life. It is very important that we, who operate the facility, take responsibility and hospitality to interact with the residents.
    FINE SELECT provides each resident with a dedicated email address, and provides an environment where you can contact FINE SELECT directly if something happens. The detailed support that can be achieved because we carry out everything from planning to operation is well received.

  • Communicating in English, Chinese and Korean as well as Japanese

    We will accurately listen to and read the contents of your troubles and worries in 4 languages, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems such as lifestyles that you are not familiar with in Japan.

Selected interiors and home appliancesINTERIOR

You long for nice interiors and home appliances, but do you have the problem that it is "expensive" and "troublesome" to arrange by yourself?
We have a complete lineup of home appliances that will help you get rid of those worries!

A lot of good things that bring comfortableness x happiness

In a room where you live alone, it's hard to get the minimum necessary furniture and home appliances. You'll also need space to place things like vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens. If it was already in place, and if it was the latest and expensive one. FINE SELECT is particular about interiors and home appliances.

  • 01Sofa

    A sofa takes up a lot of space in a studio, but if it's a share house..., here you are! It's in a common area.
    In a blink of an eye, the degree of relaxation is upgraded!

  • 02Lighting

    Lighting that raises the mood
    Cute lighting with drop-shaped shade

  • * The photo is a sample image.

    03High speed juicer and home bakery

  • 04Latest system kitchen

  • * The photo is a sample image.

    05Most properties are equipped with baths!

    One of the reasons for its popularity is that there are many properties in FINE SELECT where you can soak in the bath and enjoy a relaxing bath time!

Not too close, not too far, not too hotNOT TOO CLOSE

The warmth with the voice of "Welcome back". However, partying everyday makes you tired.
Not too close, not too far, not too hot. We are particular about "facility design" and "member selection" so that you can spend time with an orderly sense of distance.

The way of thinking and values are so many men, so many minds. So we have a close interview before making contact!

You can enjoy discovering the "world you didn't know" through living together with people who are different from you, in terms of nationality, origin, occupation, and age. That is the charm of share houses. However, it is surprisingly tiring to always put yourself in a world that is different from your own view of the world. Therefore, in FINE SELECT, we are particular about facility design and compatible member composition that allows you to spend time with an orderly sense of distance, not too close, not too far, not too hot. In order to prevent troubles after moving in, we will have an interview before making a contract to check if the applicants are suitable for communal living. We will select people who have common sense and who are compatible with existing residents. In order for residents to live comfortably, we may refuse to accept people who are likely to disturb the order.

Space design that can maintain a sense of distance that is just right to occupy the same space as someone

The floor plan of the facility is packed with various ideas to properly protect both the connection and the private, considering not only the fun of gathering but also the space of one person and the time spent alone. The interior composition of the dining room and living room is a mixture of a space that everyone can enjoy and a space that can be enjoyed by one person. Not only is it wide, but we also value the margins that allow you to maintain an exquisite sense of distance. In the common area of FINE SELECT, we have prepared a space where everyone can spend time together and can spend time alone. There is an environment where you can freely choose the degree of interaction with people. That is the share house of FINE SELECT.

  • Various places where you can spend time alone, such as the counter

  • A chair for one person that can be used for work, study, and reading

  • The world will expand through the experience of meeting people with various values and sharing everyday life!

  • Creating a new community that is different from school friends and company colleagues