• flow from tour to move-in



  • 01
    Application for tour

    Please let us know the desired date and time of your visit and the desired time to move in from the inquiry form.
    We will get back to you by email.
    * If the desired room is occupied (planned to be vacant), we will only guide you to the common areas.
    * As a general rule, we ask the person who is planning to move in to visit the house directly so that they can understand the atmosphere and rules of the share house.

  • 02

    We will meet you at the nearest station of the share house you are visiting.
    From there, we will guide you to the site of the share house and explain the rooms, common areas, facilities and house rules.
    ★If you have any questions or concerns during the tour, please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

  • 03
    Contract procedure

    The following items are required for the contract procedure.
    i. Japanese: Photo identification (driver’s license and so on) / Non-Japanese: passport, visa or residence card
    ii. An unregistered seal when you have
    iii. Initial cost
    ・deposit (Partially depreciated as a cleaning fee when moving out)
    ・contract expense fee
    ・rent and common service fee for first month
    ・fire insurance premium
    * Please check directly with the person in charge as the amount varies depending on the property and room.

  • 04
    Delivering the key and moving in

    We will hand over the key according to the move-in start date.