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Company ProfileOVERVIEW

Company Name Fine Select Co., Ltd.
Head Office 9th floor, the Kanda282 Building, 15-9, Kanda 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0047, Japan
Phone Number +81 3-5289-8015
Fax Number +81 3-5289-8016
Email info@fineselect.jp
Capital 10 million yen
Number of Employees 60 including part-time employees
Representative Hajime Shinomiya, Representative Director
License Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business License /  Tokyo Governor (3) No. 93317
Member Associations National Association For Real Estate Transaction Guaranty
The Tokyo Real Estate Public Interest Incorporated Association
Line of Business Planning and operation of share house
Brokerage of condominium, house and land
Brokerage of investment real estate
Sale of renovated condominium
Housing renovation

Message from the Representative DirectorMESSAGE

Living in a share house means connecting with "someone who is not you." Breathe in the air at the house, eat at the house, sleep and wake up, and pass by someone else. Therefore, I want you to choose firmly not because the rent is cheap, but because of the high quality of living. We have a large selection of high-quality properties in terms of number and style, and you will surely be satisfied that you are happy to live. Therefore there are many repeat customers and customers by introduction. What we offer at the FINE SELECT share house is the high quality of life.

Representative Director, Fine Select Co., Ltd.
Hajime Shinomiya

Proud of our thorough customer-oriented services and the abundance of properties to choose from

Since its founding in 2011, FINE SELECT has been developing the planning and operation of share houses as its main business. The number of share houses that have participated from the planning stage and are managed and operated is more than 1,500 rooms in 150 buildings. The area extends from Tokyo to Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama prefectures, and we have accumulated a lot of data and know-how. At our company, we have always pursued how to make residents feel comfortable and secure from the perspective of the residents. I think that has a lot to do with starting the share house business after working as a condominium developer. When companies related to the rental business enter the share house operation, the emphasis tends to be on the perspective of the lender. We are not bound by the common sense of the leasing industry, and we carry out operations that are purely pleasing to residents. The reason that we have been able to continue to grow is that we have put importance on the value of the perspective of residents. I think that is our meaning of existence.

Based on the concept of "high quality" on both sides, both hard and soft

FINE SELECT's concept is to provide a "high quality share house". Not only the quality of hardware such as advanced equipment and specifications, but also the quality of software such as operation management is highly evaluated by many customers. For example, even if a new building is in a beautiful state, it will deteriorate gradually if it is not properly managed. At FINE SELECT, the cleaning staff trained in-house are dedicated to each house to maintain a beautiful and comfortable condition at all times. Some operating companies have outsourced to external cleaning companies, but our company is particular about its own staff in order to maintain the "quality of operation management". Residents can rest assured that the same person will clean the house, and it makes it possible to quickly find out something wrong when it happens. For that reason, while the average occupancy period is said to be half a year in this industry, it is also a feature that many of our tenants occupy a long period of one and a half years on average. Some of them have lived in the same property for 9 years, and there are many who are introduced by friends or who are repeat customers.

To further develop a highly original business model

Residents have various values. That is why we hope that you will have an abundant number of properties and choose the most suitable space from many variations. Through our share house life, we will create new ways of life for residents. We aim to create unique value. For example, in a large share house, I feel that communication opportunities are emerging in the kitchen and dining room. Therefore, we have prepared a space with elements that will bring about changes in everyday life, such as an island-type kitchen and the latest electrical appliances that will start connecting between people. On the other hand, there are also people who are not always good at connecting with someone or having a party. For those who like to read alone, or those who had been inconspicuous in a class and belonged to a quiet group, we have a property that incorporates various elements so that you can enjoy your own share house life. We have a large selection. We have a lineup of properties with various expressions that are not monotonous, and we will coordinate according to the customer's request. We select residents who are mentally and financially independent, in consideration of compatibility with existing residents. With a system that allocates vacancies, it is not possible to create a space where you can spend a rich time. It is our duty to coordinate and support what kind of space and what kind of share house life that person wants to spend.
I would like to continue to contribute to shape the "your own share house life" that makes you proud that you live there while satisfying the satisfaction of the people who live there.