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Questions to a staff member!
Charm of living in a share house

Manager who came from a major real estate agent
explains “Merits of living in a share house” and “How to distinguish a good share house”.

Sales Department Manager, FINE SELECT Inc.

What is a share house?

A "share house" is a form of rent in which multiple residents gather in one residence to live together. The system is such that all residents share facilities such as kitchen, living room, bathroom, and toilet, on the contrary, private rooms and dormitories are used for private spaces.

What is the difference between a share house and room sharing?

A share house is run by an operating company that maintains and manages the property and manages the residents. Each resident individually concludes an occupancy contract with the operator. On the other hand, room sharing means renting a "room" of a property that an individual is renting. Basically, the representative who rents the property will be in a responsible position like a manager, and the resident will conclude an occupancy contract with the renter of the property.

Sales Department Manager, FINE SELECT Inc.

Merits of living in a share house

Merit 01

Number OneYou can live in a house that you couldn't reach by living alone!

Since the space is divided and used by multiple people, you can live in a high-ranked space at a reasonable rent. Compared to a studio, it is also attractive to be able to use a large living room, a water supply that can be used by multiple people, and a fine kitchen. If it is a large share house, it may be equipped with various facilities such as a home theater, karaoke room, fitness room, etc. that are not found in studio properties, and the quality of life will be greatly improved!

Merit 02

Number TwoThe initial cost is definitely reasonable even with including this and that!

The mainstream format does not have the security deposit, key money, brokerage fee, and guarantor system required for ordinary rental properties.
In the case of our company, the cost at the time of contract is the rent for the first month, contract expense fee, deposit (security deposit), fire insurance premium. All the furniture and home appliances are provided, so you don't have to bother to purchase when you move in! The initial cost can be significantly reduced compared to general rental properties.

Merit 03

Number ThreeThree Encounters between residents will open up a new world!

Communication will be expanded through the use of common areas while securing personal space. You can cook and eat together in the kitchen, share the surplus food and so on. In a space that can be used for multiple purposes such as parties and drinking parties between residents, you will make contact with people with various occupations and values and create new connections.

Merit 04

Number FourSafe and secure security compared to living alone

Share houses are said to be safer than living alone. Because multiple people live in the same building, there is less time when the interior is completely absent.

Checkpoints for share houses that you can do yourself

  • 01

    Is the operating company solid?

    In addition to the speed of responding to applications and inquiry emails, we are also earnest about answering questions regarding properties, current residents, and surrounding information. The management company who has a belief that they want their residents to live comfortably makes a difference. We are sincerely facing our customers. The way of proceeding to a contract by telephone or WEB without actually letting customers see inside the house tends to lead to complaints that it is clumsy to use unlike the photos on the HP.

  • 02

    Quality and cleanliness of facilities in common areas

    Who is cleaning when is an important point. It is necessary to check whether the common areas are well cleaned. If the water section unit including the toilet and kitchen is not kept clean, you would feel stressful! Also, check out the quality of the interior of the common area, kitchen goods, and equipment. Be careful if the cloth is left torn, the glass window is cracked, or left untouched. A proper operating company gives top priority to replacement and maintenance of broken items and keeping clean and tidy.

  • 03

    Check the private room and floor plan

    Facilities may vary from floor to floor, and room styles may also vary. Check not only the specifications of the room you live in, but also whether the number of toilets and showers that are important in your daily life is appropriate for the number of residents, and the flow line from the room to the kitchen, toilet, and bath. Even in the same property, the impression of the room is different, so if there are multiple vacant rooms, it is recommended to look at many rooms. Also, in the case of a mixed-gender share house, be sure to check the room keys and whether the baths and toilets are properly considered for women.

  • 04

    Check the location and surrounding environment

    Is there a kindergarten or elementary school nearby, or is there a train or busy road nearby? Open and close the windows and check for noise. Imagine yourself living in the room and determine if the noise is tolerable.

Questions to a staff member, Takeichi san!
What you need to know once you decide to live in a share house.

Ms. Takeichi, Administration manager, FINE SELECT Inc.

Takeichi san, a manager who is admired by residents as a big sister who can rely on FINE SELECT, which has many female staff. Many people might not take the first step, with thoughts of wanting to live in a share house, but not knowing what to start with. We will solve your problems one by one!

Ms. Takeichi, Administration manager, FINE SELECT Inc.

Preparation and money

Q.How much money do I have to prepare for moving in and starting living?

When renting a studio, various initial costs such as security deposit, key money, security deposit, and brokerage fee are generally required when moving in.
For example, you have to prepare an initial cost of several hundred thousand yen, such as "The security deposit is for three months of rent." On the other hand, in the case of a share house, the initial cost can be significantly economized.
At FINE SELECT, when you make a contract, you will be required to pay the rent for the first month, the contract expense fee, etc., and deposit a deposit (security deposit) *.You can save a lot of money because you don't need a large amount of deposit and key money!
Having all the necessary appliances and furniture already equipped is also a significant cost advantage!
In addition, there are great benefits in terms of life. For example, if you live alone, you will need to pay for utilities such as gas, electricity, and water, as well as communication costs such as the Internet. At FINE SELECT, you will be required to pay the rent and common service fee together, including toilet paper, detergent, and other common consumables necessary for daily life. Some share houses of other companies charge a fee for each use of the washing machine. For FINE SELECT properties, that is also included in the rent and common service fees. It is very popular with residents because it is a great deal.

Q.What do I need when you sign the contract?

The following items are required for the contract procedure.
i. Japanese: photo identification such as driver’s license / non-Japanese: passport, visa or residence card
ii. an unregistered seal when you have
iii. initial cost
・deposit (Partially depreciated as a cleaning fee when moving out), contract expense fee, rent and common service fee for first month and fire insurance premium
* Please check directly with the person in charge as the amount varies depending on the property and room.

Q.Can I move into the same room as my friend, boyfriend or girlfriend?

If it is a dormitory type room, two people of the same sex can live in one room, but in the case of a normal room, it is not possible to use the same room with friends or the opposite sex (boyfriend / girlfriend)
Only one person in each room. If you move into different private rooms, we will welcome you of course!

Q.I want to move in immediately, how long will it take for the procedure?

The basic flow of moving in is inquiry → preview → contract → moving in, and if it goes smoothly, it is possible to move in in a minimum of 2 days.
If you are in a hurry, please let us know in advance so that we can respond quickly. Feel free to contact us!

About daily life

Q.What should I do if I have a problem or something I don't understand?

FINE SELECT provides each resident with an exclusive e-mail, and if there is something, the resident can directly contact FINE SELECT.
In addition to Japanese, we will listen and read accurately in English, Chinese, and Korean, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems, such as lifestyles that you are not familiar with in Japan.
* We will rush to the house to handle as needed.

Q.Do I need to wait in line for kitchens, washbasins, toilets, bathrooms, etc.?

Based on the abundant track record of FINE SELECT, we have prepared the optimum number of water section equipment in common areas, which would not cause stress. Furthermore, the cleaning staff regularly cleans the area around the water, so you can use it cleanly at any time. We have a sufficient number and size of water facilities such as kitchen, washbasin, toilet, and bathroom for the number of residents.

Q.I'm not good at English. Can I communicate well with foreign residents?

No worries at all! Our share houses are characterized by a relatively high proportion of Japanese residents, in the share house industry. We try to maintain the balance consisting of 20 to 30% for non-Japanese and 70 to 80% for Japanese ideally, so that you will not be in a situation where you only speak English every day. Therefore, even if you don't speak English well, you can enjoy life in a share house!
Moreover, most residents from overseas are curious about Japan and Japanese culture, want to study Japanese, and want to communicate in Japanese. It seems that it provides an opportunity for non-Japanese residents who want to learn Japanese and Japanese residents who want to learn English or other languages to interact with each other. Please feel free to contact us as it will change from time to time as to which share house has people from which country.

Q.Can I smoke in a share house?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but in consideration of other residents who do not smoke, smoking is prohibited on all premises and in the house. We ask for the cooperation of smokers so that all residents can live comfortably.